About Us
Our Mission
We are committed to our patients. We have structured our practice to provide a high quality in dentistry at a reasonable cost and within the framework of efficient service.

The practice is orientated to providing comprehensive dentistry for the whole family and for all individuals in the community while at the some time maintaining the highest possible standard in infection control procedures.
Our Philosophy
We are "middle of the rood" in our approach to treatment and this reflects significant flexibility in how we care for our patients. Treatment is planned according to the patients' needs and their affordability. In short, we are "patient orientated" rather than "tooth orientated", keeping our patients' welfore as paramount.
Each dentist, on any working day, has set aside a particular time for treating emergencies. For the convenience of patients each dentist has a different emergency to his or her colleagues. However should your dentist's emergency slot already be filled, or should that particular hour be unsuitable for you, then one of the other dentists could always attend to your emergency and then refer you back to your regular dentist to continue the treatment.
Our Fee Structure
Our fees are in line with the minimum hourly rate set by the Australian Dental Association. Apart from being set to cover normal business overheads such as wages, superannuation, worker's compensation, rent, materials costs, laboratory fees etc The fees do reflect the fundamental changes that have occurred in dentistry during the past few years:

  • Protection of the Patient with vigorous and extensive infection control procedures and materials (Infection Control Law)
  • Protection of the Staff with procedures, equipment and materials which minimise accidents (Occupational Health & Safety laws)
  • Protection of the Environment with extensive and expensive methods of disposal of consumables and waste products (Environmental Protection Authority Regulations).
As a patient you may not be aware of all of the above, but please be aware that quietly there have been revolutionary changes which have taken place in dentistry and that these have radically changed forever the cost structure of running a dental practice.
Payment of Fees
Payment at the end of each appointment may be made by either cash, cheque, MasterCard, Visa, Bankcard and EFTPOS. It is not our policy to issue or send accounts as extended credit is a major cause of higher fee structures.

Also to operate an account system, we would need to employ extra staff to manage and process the system resulting in increased overheads such as wages, superannuation, worker's compensation, insurance, sick pay, holiday pay etc. All of which would have to be passed on to our patients in the form of higher fees.
Cancellation of Appointments
We require 24 hours notice for the cancellation of regular half-hour appointments and 1 weeks notice for the cancellation of longer appointments (such as 3-hour appointments). An extra fee may be charged.

Please remember that missed appointments and late arrivals inconvenience other patients who are then deprived of their own valuable treatment time.
New Patients
We welcome new patients to our practice.

We would request that new patients arrive 15 minutes earlier for their first appointment in order to complete a rather thorough medical and dental history form.
Appointment Scheduling
We prefer to schedule your regular six-monthly check-ups a full six months in advance. This enables you, as a patient, to select both the time and the day of the week that suits you the best, well in advance, thus providing you with the utmost convenience.

Our secretary will then phone you two weeks before to confirm your six monthly check-up appointment. For infection control purposes we now schedule longer appointments than in the past to allow for adequate time between changeover of patients. As a result our appointments are now booked further ahead than previously.
Waiting Room and Reception
In these areas, smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted for health reasons.

Level 1, 60 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest


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